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DSI & Valogix Expert Series: The Way Forward in Supply Chain

Over the past several years, changes to international trade agreements and new tariffs have created incredible pressure on supply chain participants. Succeeding today requires a relentless focus on reducing costs and increasing customer service. Achieving this balance requires a well-defined inventory strategy and timely visibility into customer demand to help ensure the products the customers want are available without overstocking on less popular and/or less profitable items.

From this presentation, you can:

  • Strengthen your company's competitive cost advantage
  • Gain a competitive advantage by increasing fill rates
  • Increase sales revenue and profit margins by carrying the items your customers want without overstocking
  • Configure your safety stock strategy to optimize your return on investment

Industry expert Bob Jackson will explore how velocity ranking helps companies implement strategies which can significantly increase fill rates, improve profit margins and reduce excess and inactive inventory resulting in improved customer satisfaction and more profitable operations.

Bob Jackson

Bob Jackson, Principal at iNVENomics

Bob Jackson has more than 35 years of experience in corporate performance measurement and score-carding, inventory performance optimization, demand forecasting, project management, business consulting and systems analysis.

Areas of expertise:

• Business Consulting • Strategic Planning
• Supply Chain/Logistics • Project Management
• Forecasting • Process Re-engineering
• Inventory Management • Custom Application Design
• Distribution Planning • Systems Analysis
• Corporate Performance Management • Information Systems
• Balanced Scorecarding