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How real-time inventory visibility, wherever it resides, is changing the warehouse

For the past decade, many companies have invested in some form of inventory management system for tracking and managing inventory inside the warehouse; however, once inventory has left the warehouse, the level of visibility and information about what happens to that inventory drastically falls.

To remedy this, more and more companies are investing in systems that provide extended visibility to inventory outside the warehouse walls. This has led to the term "Field Inventory" and, as the name suggests, it can be used by any company that has complex field operations and faces the unique challenge of managing inventory in the wild.

In this whitepaper, we explore how the need to have real-time inventory visibility, wherever and however it resides, is leading organizations to expand their supply chain connectivity beyond the four walls of the warehouse and out into the field. 

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  • What is field inventory?
  • Does field inventory conform to the warehouse of today?
  • 8 common field inventory blindspots
  • 5 key factors influencing the need to have better field inventory management
  • Why the warehouse of the future has no walls
  • And more!